Bear is grounded!

“You’re grounded Bear.”

“What do you mean,John? Why am I grounded.”

“You know exactly why you are grounded.”

“How long for?”

“Two days. Duck can’t come over for biscuits. You will stay in your room until tomorrow night. And for meals you can have toast with vegemite but no butter and no honey and only water. Not milk.”

“But Duck will come today for biscuits.”

“When he comes I will tell him.”

“It isn’t fair. What did I do wrong?”

“Don’t make it worse than it is.”

“What did I do wrong? Tell me that.”

“I’m going to tell you nothing. I will show you a photograph I got from the Station Master.”

“Oh, That!” Bear stopped arguing and sat down.

What Bear did is this; I got a phone call from the Station Master this morning.

“Your bear is here again and he could be in trouble. Please come and take him home and make sure he never tries this again.”

It sounded like I was the one in trouble so I went down to the station. This time the Station Master wasn’t as amused as he was last time.

“These are from our security cameras. One is not very clear because the sun was shining on the glass. But the other is absolutely clear.”

He showed me the photos and we went to a small room and I picked Bear up and drove him home. And that is all I am going to say just at the moment. Maybe when I have calmed down I will get on with telling you more of the good Bear and Duck stories. But not now.

This is the one that is not clear so you will need to look carefully.

If you aren’t sure, that is the driver’s seat and the controls to the Ballarat to Melbourne train.

15 thoughts on “Bear is grounded!

  1. For a bear that seems to do a lot of illicit walking, he still has a fat belly. Maybe he uses taxis to get around. Have you checked your wallet for missing money?


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