Not on Walden Pond.

And then there were clouds, threatening as clouds do. It’s been a weird week in Australia and terrible floods in New South Wales in particular. I don’t know what’s worse – fire or flood!

West of Ballarat about fifty ks

13 thoughts on “Not on Walden Pond.

  1. The last photo is really clever with that little bit of water down the road.
    I think the damage caused by the floods is almost as bad as the damage caused by the fires.


    1. Yes Jane. Andrew Petcher asked the question. I am rather of the opinion that fire is worse because it is more erratic. It can leap great distances and burn spots and leave one house untouched. With a flood we have a better idea of the extent because we have good scientific mapping of the terrain. But it is only a small distinction – both are terrible and NSW is fortunate that loss of life has been so minimal.


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