Melbourne’s triennial of contempory art.


I visited the NGV today. That’s the National Gallery of Victoria.

The Blurb that appears on their site starts with the following.

The NGV Triennial brings contemporary art, design and architecture into dialogue, offering a visually arresting and thought-provoking view of the world at this time. Featuring major new commissions and recent works that span geography, perspective and genre, the exhibition celebrates the work of some of the world’s most accomplished artists and designers, while also giving voice to emerging practitioners.

I didn’t see it all because to be honest my body couldn’t take the strain but it was actually magnificent.

The main theme – as I saw it – was that our perception of reality can be really messed with if we are not too careful.

One display made me uncomfortable with the size of the objects on display. The objects were figures of people made as realistically as possible. But the space around them was huge and changed  my perception of size. I keep saying my perception and my understanding because I didn’t ask too many people although those I did ask seemed to agree with me. Also their reactions told me the same thing.

And of course the depth of field added to the change. But then the way people reacted told a great deal. This woman with blue hair and an art folio is a case in point. Watch what happens when Claudia stops to take her photo.

What’s more is the number of times people really tried to get down to the models level. And It was clear that these were not seen as dolls – they were seen as small people.

There were a few philistines and I wonder why they turn up to a gallery.

There’s a lot more to see and I’ll show you later, maybe.

9 thoughts on “Melbourne’s triennial of contempory art.

    1. I do hope my cynical statement is not infectious. The pubs are open. But the two old ladies sitting in the cafeteria and taking up scarce seats and the young couple groping each other in front of an exhibit when people were wanting to take photographs photographs had possibly cynicised me.


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