A thunderous earth shaking exhibition at the NGV.

After visiting the little people I followed Claudia for two reasons; we had agreed to go together, and she knew where we were going. We headed for the main European gallery. Below is how I remember it.

There were usually a few seats to sit upon and contemplate but most people have, in the past, walked through this gallery stopping now and then to look at some picture they may recognise.

But how to make this area exciting and new? First of all they packed even more paintings on both ends and on both sides. and they set upholstered benches down the middle.

And the lights faded.

…and lightning flashed and thunder crashed on the paintings and it rained and the rain splashed against the paintings as rain splashes against the windows of your house during a winter storm and then the  wind blows terribly and birds – crows and gulls – screech and flash around the walls and the light spots on different paintings – – –

– –  -looking now at animals and the sheep guarding her lamb from the crows and you see it for the first time.

and you’ve seen it before but never looked at it or maybe you’ve looked at it before but never seen it and then lions roar and pace in silhouette around the walls and the paintings and then only the frames are lit…

and again thunder and again snow and sleet and terrible terrible fright as the wall seem to tremble and then the sound and the fury begins, almost unnoticed, to fade away and the lights change and it is over and you sit and breathe again and for the first time in years of visiting you have seen the paintings.

There is no way I can show you although you only see one wall and the same is happening on the other wall but you know that if you turn around to look you will miss something and the only way is to come back later and see it all again but this time looking at the other wall.

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