The National Gallery of Victoria #3

Yesterday and the day before it was all about changing our perception of what we are looking at. Today it is the same. First I will show you what photographs I took and then tell you my reaction.

On the wall was the curator’s explanation which included the words, “….the way objects are understood …. shifts dramatically…”

I’m not sure that happened concerning the objects. What did shift was my perception of reality. Everyone of you knows how a mirror works; you stand in front of a mirror and there is yourself looking back. If you stand in front of a pane of glass that doesn’t happen.

But in this case there were all these black steel frames with double sided mirrors in some and nothing at all in others. After wandering around trying to work out what was happening it became very difficult to work out which was which. I stopped in front of one of the frames and wasn’t quite sure if it was a mirror or not. I wasn’t the only one.

I put my hand out to see if I would touch a mirror or open space. And you all know that if it was a mirror I would see my hand stretching out and you are all thinking that the old bloke has lost his marbles. However as I did it another person, young and intelligent, was doing the same thing through another frame. She smiled sheepishly, “It’s mind boggling, isn’t it?”

What happened was your understanding of the whole concept of mirrors and reflections was torn to pieces.

Another really weird and wonderful part of the exhibition.


5 thoughts on “The National Gallery of Victoria #3

  1. I think it must be fascinating to stand there and play around with the mirrors but isn’t this just a conjuring trick? The artist has merely had various objects arranged as he wants them to be.


    1. No John. I think it was a lot more clever than that. I know what your point is, but the effect it had on the people in the room was common to all. It is very hard to explain how dramatic the effect was.


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