A recipe for despair.

‘t’other day I made a delightful apple strudel – not according to Hoyle but as I remembered or thought I had.

Today my brother arrived and between the two of us something happened and then there was no strudel.

Today I began again. And because of the words of acclamation that came from my brother I decided to make, again, an apple strudel. So I will explain my recipe with photographs rather than an over indulgence in words.

So first.

I had some sultanas.

I chopped them up into little bits.

Star anise, Ginger and cinnamon. All the fruit and the spice were plonked into a bowl.

Together with a handful of dried apricots.

I must make it clear at this stage that I have no recipe – just a good feeling about life in general.

Now I wanted to soak these in some type of liquid . I went to my pantry (sometimes known as the booze cabinet) and there was no liquid there so I put on my walking shoes and headed North. After a walk I returned, and, lo and behold, there appeared in my pantry a bottle of Beenleigh Honey flavoured Rum. It is impossible to make strudel without rum.

I pored a dollop of rum onto the chopped up fruit. For those of you who need measurements I can not help. Just cover them. If there is too much you can always drink the excess..

I then sat down and read a book. The fruit need to do its own thing with regard to the honey flavoured rum which is made from Queensland sugar cane etc etc. But, in the middle of the beating heart and the hot flushing brow of the heroine I remembered the apples.

Out with the apples and the magic apple peeling machine.

Round and round goes the machine and the apple peel falls gently to the floor ot the bench. And the apple is sliced into slices ….

The slices are then broken into bits and chucked into a bowl.

together with the juice of a half a lemon.

And an old fashioned soup spoon, of plain flour and brown sugar, that was my mother’s – whom I loved and she was a great cook and did magic to egg custard and Fi and Robin with tell you more because they are girls and they remember every tiny little detail.

And the apple and the sugar and the flour is all chucked into a bowl and stirred around for a few minutes.

At about this stage you might realise that you should have turned the oven on. But it was really quite important to taste the honey flavoured rum to make sure you bought the right one.

And!!! you should have turned on the oven. You need to cook it, idiot.

I turned on the oven.

Oh my goodness me. Now I know why I burnt the blooming thing. I had it on grill, not bake. It is so small I need a magnification-blooming glass to see what on earth is going on.

Now I really want to tell you what happened next. All of a sudden the whole format changed and I didn’t know what was happening. I tried to go back to where I had started. But I couldn’t’;t find my way.

Please, please, wordpress stop! Stop changing the rules.


I don’t understand anything about coeliac patients so I might be right off the mark here but, Gwen, the spoonful of flour is to give the fruit a bit of sticking togetherness so if you can use cornflour.

Also, I don’t know if you can buy special pastry but if you want to make your own pastry I have used the flour below to make pasta and it works well.

When adding xanthan (zan-than) gum to a recipe, use about 1/4 teaspoon per cup of flour. Blend it evenly into your dry ingredients before mixing.

11 thoughts on “A recipe for despair.

  1. Forget about the oven setting. You have an apple peeling machine?? Seriously??? I HAVE to get me one of those things before I can do apple strudl.
    Oh … and **!!** expletive. Bill is coeliac. Can you give me a recipe without the flour?


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