My Local Lockdown.

A few random thoughts. Victoria is now enduring its fifth lockdown since the Covid virus exploded. Our case numbers have been exceptionally low – compared to the rest of the world – because of a number of circumstances and that may have led to some complacency. We have not been so successful in getting vaccines into arms. This is partly because of the EU blocking some AstraZeneca vaccine shipments but also because there didn’t seem to be as much urgency.

But on the positive side it has given me a chance to take a few interesting photographs. Click on any one for slideshow


PS Anton took these photos from the car as I drove to the shop to get bread. We are allowed to purchase essential foodstuffs. So there! Cop that young Harry.


16 thoughts on “My Local Lockdown.

  1. When the first lockdown occurred here, it was as if there was a hush that descended over the entire area — at least partly as a result of people staying home. These are striking photos of a city at standstill

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    1. I haven’t gone to your links John. We have heard so much here about Long Covid. And the stupidity of people saying it will all go away. and people walking in to shops without registering etc etc et bloody cet er a. I will send this and then I will go back and check the link.


  2. This looks like the first days of lockdown last March and April when a hush had descended even over noisy, chaotic, crowded Indian cities.
    On a different note, and never having been anywhere near it, I wonder what a crowded Australian city might look like. If you are able to click some pix of crowds some day and share, will be grateful.


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