Dreams, Memories or Wishes

2.30 A.M.

Is it an out of body experience if you are having a dream and in the dream you know that all you have to do is to wake up and it will all be gone?

Or what if you are having a dream and you know it is only a dream but you know you want it to keep going on and on. And what part of your brain is awake at the moment. They say it’s the hippocampus and they say that the hippocampus has a central role in our ability to remember, imagine and dream. So unless I am putting too much faith in pschyco bonzos I would reckon that dreams and memories are pretty much the same thing. Or at least they fall out of the same filing cabinet but from different files.

So if I wake up in the morning with an idea for a story and the idea is fairly well formed, where does that come from?

Yesterday Claudia gave me a USB memory stick. “I think this is yours,” she said. It was. Below is something I wrote about five years ago. You know how you can go onto a file or document and you right click and go to Get Info, which is just below Move to Trash and it tells you when you created it and the time. Well I wrote the stuff bellow at about 2.30 in the morning which means I had just woken up and I must have thought I might be able to make a story from it. But I never did.


He gradually realized that it wasn’t a dream although it probably started as a dream. He was in conversation with his mother when he was eighteen and came down from his room and she was making coffee on a Sunday morning. Actually it was later that day and he was playing Dylan to her and explaining that ‘Oxford Town’ was an important depiction of the southern race riots and they made that film ‘Mississippi Burning”. He knew it was a dream and the conversation was only partly true and then he was talking to himself and telling himself not to wake up because the dream would go and anyway it wasn’t his mother he was talking to it was the girl who had sold him the cheese at the delicatessen and she was young and so he must be young still because he was telling her to have her bath first but the man at the hotel wanted to know if they should put the bath outside on the landing and would he have it after her or at the same time. So she rang down and said she would be happy to share the bath with him but he decided to wait. But it must have been a dream because instantly they were walking down Lygon Street to a café and he had a beard and a corduroy jacket and they were laughing and she was wearing those full length boots that he called ‘hooker boots’ and then she crossed over the street against the lights and he was left alone and he woke up.

And y’ know what? The only bit that I can say is true was me talking with mum about Dylan’s “Oxford Town”. But the rest; was it made up or remembered or wished for? Don’t know.

13 thoughts on “Dreams, Memories or Wishes

  1. I often think of my dreams as sifting through the day’s events, filing what’s needed and discarding the rest, but of course, they are not really that structured. Whatever sparked your early morning write, it is a great piece.
    Speaking of spark, your link to the Dylan song, which I was not familiar with, struck me so strongly I went searching for more information, and found this interesting analysis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wR-X84f6XKE

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    1. It was 1962 and I think I had the record in about 1964 and I vividly remember my mother making me coffee one morning we talked about it and I and she was very impressed. My mother allowed me to think for myself. And I’ve always thought it was one of Dylan’s most important songs

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  2. This seems a dream to me. “I would reckon that dreams and memories are pretty much the same thing. Or at least they fall out of the same filing cabinet but from different files.” sums it up. My dreams are almost always about the past.


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