When animals talk

I listen to the birds every morning. I don’t go out of my way – I don’t have to – I can lie in bed with a cup of coffee and they are there anyway. Just outside my window. Some don’t have much to say; “Caw Caw Caw” and then nothing and then “Caw” again. But magpies – Australian Magpies – go on and on and on and they have conversations with the magpie family in the next street. I came across a fellow who knows what animals say.

animal comics by Jimmy Craig @jimmytried

14 thoughts on “When animals talk

      1. May sound funny but I actually like Magpies! And at about 5 every morning we hear a group ( if anyone knows a collective name please enlighten me) of Kookaburras laugh. I think the younger ones would say LOL. I love the birds in our suburb.

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