Just got a new lens

I’ve been very happy with my small Coolpix B700 camera and I use it for macro (ant on a buttercup) and zoom (peregrines).

But I bought a new lense to fit my old Nikon D5100. So I took a quick trip and tried it and you all get to see the first five shots totally untouched.

9 thoughts on “Just got a new lens

  1. Lovely. But you didn’t tell us what size lens you bought?
    Some years back I sold all my film SLR equipment to a specialist second hand shop. I got a reasonable price that also ensured he would make some decent money onselling. He even took the trouble to ring me and tell me about the person who bought it. A uni student studying camera work.
    The included my 70-210mm lens. A great lens, but quite a hunk to carry around.

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  2. Nice.
    All the talk about camera compels me to share a link doing the rounds in India today about the PM clicking pix of a set of eight cheetahs reintroduced into India from I think Namibia. He is clicking with the lens cap on. Of course it is a fake. Besides, the fakers seem to have given a Canon cap to a Nikon DLSR. Some of the memes end up being funny, either intentionally or unintentionally. Hope you enjoy the story.


      1. True. Like their human brethren. I believe that population is also endangered, hence cannot be used for seeding elsewhere though apparently the Iranian version is the species that went extinct in India 60-70 years back.


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