19 thoughts on “Wattle happen next.

  1. I think that the one on the other side of the road is a seed from the right hand plant and is smaller because it is perhaps only one season old. Those plants at first glance look very like broom. Presumably they both fill the same evolutionary niche.


    1. I don’t think anyone knows why the word was first used to describe the plant in Australia. Some people say that the branches which are very supple were used to fabricate the walls of huts and hence the word wattle from your suggestion from Wattle and daub.

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  2. On a completely different ( somehow related) note, we have wild Freesias growing all over nature strips. They are pretty and fragrant. Come in gorgeous shades of cream, yellow and purple! I always pick them and put them in small shot glasses ( souvenir ones that I have collected). And now Miss A comes “flower picking” with me and enjoys this. Also some houses have the scented Jasmine growing in abandon on fences! I love these too. Camellias and Magnolias are slowly giving way to yellow Jacaranda leaves and in October our street will have purple!! And I am so looking forward to meeting you and Gwen 🙂

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