Some Unfurling

GUEST post.

some unfurling

He materialised; somewhat unfurling from the paint chips on the wall and the cracks in the ceiling. He was some embodiment of flaws and the cold breeze that made its way inside, and no one else around here seemed to see him or know who I was talking about. 
They just said I was personifying nothing.
But then I went over to their houses and there was no chipped paint on the wall or cracks in the ceiling and I tried to tell them so but they just said it’s always been this way and anyway would you like a cappuccino? but I had to leave, get back home to the creature from the walls roaming my house – at least ask some questions this time, make sure he didn’t break the blinds or change the locks.
I found he was soft spoken and trod carefully, always taking off his shoes before walking around. I offered him a beverage like the people from the house before and he politely declined, saying in fact he had no stomachwhich I thought was strange considering all that he had consumed so far. I let it go.
I sat him down while I made a drink for myself and he watched the steam rise from the kettle and I asked how often really do you hang around here? because I thought he looked surprised to see me. He just said wellactually it is my first day outside of the walls and I suppose it made sense considering how polite he had been this whole time.

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