About me – about my blog

I’m John

My name isn’t Paol or Paul it is John. I borrowed Paol from my great grandfather on my mother’s side. I am an old retired teacher. If the narrow minded Principal of my last school had been less concerned with dogma and more interested in his students I would probably still be teaching.

Born 1943, Australian, brought up on a farm, I will write anything on any subject and photograph anything that strikes my fancy.

That’s enough about me now a comment about you. The only followers I want are the ones who communicate. Blogging is a conversation. The best follower is one who tells me when he likes something and tells me off if I write garbage. The worst is the one who reads me every day and has never said who he/she is.

There has recently been an editorial takeover bid launched by a bear. Bear wants me to write exclusively for any grandchildren I have, might have or would like to have. I have retained the right to post articles or photographs for my own satisfaction – occasionally.

Depending upon your point of view or the narrowness or openness of your interests please feel at liberty to pick and choose your way around my world.

But please, I would love to know who you are, so write a comment and tell me from which part of the world you are.