My name isn’t Paol or Paul it is John. I borrowed Paol from my great grandfather on my mother’s side. I am an old retired teacher and this blog is one of two. I’ll tell you about the other one in a minute, if you have enough patience to wait. And you probably have enough if you’re still reading.

There are probably four parts to this blog

  • There are photographs of places I visit particularly of Melbourne and Country Victoria. For some things I might borrow a photo from somewhere else but mostly I try to use my own.
  • There are stories I write about old men growing older and reflecting upon life. These might get a bit maudlin at times – but old age can be a bit like that.
  • Then there is the bit that I call my ‘diatribes’. These are things I write that annoy or delight me about the world and some of the stupidities that I see.
  • Finally there are stories I make up or poems I write just for fun. The stories that I make up probably have an element of truth in them because they are, after all is said and done, a product of my life.

I have another blog A Bushie’s Tale.

This blog is a more personal one that tells the story of growing up in the bush in South Australia and then getting old. You can have a look at that one if you want. But please write comments. Writing comments is an important aspect of being part of a community rather that just being a voyeur.