Bushfire and rebirth.

Next month will see the tenth anniversary of the devastating Black Saturday bushfires that were burning on or around Saturday, 7th February 2009 in the state of Victoria. There were 180 fatalities and the fires covered an area of over 450,000 hectares (1700 square miles). More than 2000 houses were destroyed as well as a similar number of other buildings. The Black Saturday fires started … Continue reading Bushfire and rebirth.

Phillip Island – Rounding up the tour

If we get a move on and hitch up our britches we could just about get all the way around the island before the sun goes down. So let’s cast our eyes at the map once again. We will drive anticlockwise – (a direction difficult to explain to idiot children who have only ever seen a digital clock.  I have also seen the word changed into … Continue reading Phillip Island – Rounding up the tour

Bushfire lookout – a story Ch 6 – Conclusion

He looked back at the school. No one played outside and he knew lunch was over. The sun shone brightly in spite of the wind. Chapter Six It was exactly at two thirty eight that afternoon that Bill Willoughby spotted smoke. He didn’t know it was exactly two thirty eight. That was only worked out later. I suspect that you might want to know how … Continue reading Bushfire lookout – a story Ch 6 – Conclusion