Rural Victoria

The common picture of Australia is a land of wide open dry and dusty deserts and red soil. But many visitors are surprised to see green grass and farmland. I don’t mean you, you are all much more aware than the hoi polloi, but if you have a friend who needs to be put right I have a little look at Camperdown for you. This … Continue reading Rural Victoria

Big Bird and Little Bird

All around the western side of Port Phillip Bay there are wetland reserves. Each is different from the other. At one a small creek makes its way through the marsh and mangroves to rocks and open water. Standing sentinel were these Beautiful Pelicans. (Pelecanus conspicillatus).  At the waters edge are two Black-winged Stilts.  (Himantopus himantopus)  On the sand, so small as to be easily missed are … Continue reading Big Bird and Little Bird

Dog fight

Aerial combat is hard to catch with a small camera. Especially if you haven’t tried before. Now I seriously don’t know exactly what I’ve got here but I think we have a juvenile ‘Little Eagle’ (because of wing shape and patterns) being attacked by a ‘Swamp Harrier’. But whatever they were the following fellow was small fluffy and looked at me very angrily. Continue reading Dog fight