Book Serial

As I mentioned earlier I have decided to publish my little book in serial form on If you want to be advised then you should go there and follow. The book is about 70,000 words and although I usually try to keep to 700 or 800 words this may not always be appropriate. For example the first episode is approximately 2000 and then episode … Continue reading Book Serial

Konongwootong – a very bad post

This is not going to be pleasant. Seriously. In my post about naming places I chose at random the name Konongwootong. When I say random I mean there are hundreds of aboriginal names and this stood out as being very obviously aboriginal. You will understand how fortuitous it was in a minute or two. I did not recognize the name although it is very near … Continue reading Konongwootong – a very bad post


I posted this on mydyadic.wordpress .com under the heading of Functional Fixedness and because only a very few of you saw it over there I think it would be wise to repost it here. Functional FixednessIsn’t that a strange expression! It implies that, if a knife’s function is to cut something then the implication is that you can’t lick peanut butter off it. That would … Continue reading FYIO