Yvonne and u3a.

I have been reading a most fascinating book about the story of Italian Migration to the Myrtleford district of Northern Victoria. This area was for a long time a major spot for the production of tobacco. There are now no licenced tobacco producers but ten kilometres up the Ovens River Valley some of the best hops is grown. The book is not about the growing … Continue reading Yvonne and u3a.

Introduction to a Robbery and Mayhem.

My latest series was difficult to write in many ways. It is possibly the fact that it was true. As I dug up the bones of long buried facts and replaced the flesh the reconstructed body was quite haunting. Anyway I told you that. But I enjoy the writing of it and so I intend to run another story with similarly lengthed episodes. Those of … Continue reading Introduction to a Robbery and Mayhem.

Beer cans and other stuff

Andrew’s Lead Soldiers’ Collection and JFWK’s  8th most important collection of sugar cube wrappers have given me an idea for a bit of a story about collecting things. Some of you may have read about this before. Many years ago when I was a lot younger I was in the Royal Australian Army Education Corps. I had just transferred to a base in northern Victoria … Continue reading Beer cans and other stuff