Sturt’s Desert Pea

Stewie and I went for a bit of a trip to look at windmills – more later – and on the way back we chanced upon three Brolgas. (Grus rubicunda).  Brolgas are one of Australia’s most iconic birds. Their name comes from the Aboriginal language Gamilaraay, in which they are called, burralga. They are one of Australia’s largest flying birds – they stand a metre tall … Continue reading Sturt’s Desert Pea


Enough about fires and drought in Australia and floods in Europe. Enough about Brexit, and Scottish vote to stay in Europe or leave the UK. Enough about the internal fractures in the American psyche and Russia and German pipelines. Enough that I’ve left the dishes in the sink for too long. I just want to say Happy Christmas and a Happy New year to everyone. … Continue reading Christmas!

Bush Fires

Bush fires are a real part of the Australian experience. For years it was something that affected those who lived on farms and in small country towns. But as the cities expand and people move to beautiful hillsides covered in tall trees and build nice houses with wonderful scenic outlooks then so the experience of more and more people will come to include fire. If … Continue reading Bush Fires