The decline and eventual fall of Artimis Dolofonos.

Artimis Dolofonos lived most of his life in a one bedroom flat above Eleni’s Fruit and Vegetable shop in Nicholson Street Fitzroy. For many years Artimis had made a reasonable living taking out the garbage for various of the not quite legal organisations that controlled the local black economy. However the sad gentrification of the area meant that young upwardly mobile families were buying up … Continue reading The decline and eventual fall of Artimis Dolofonos.

Ballarat International Foto Biennale

You missed it. But put it in your diary for two years time and give yourself a bit of time to look. The Ballarat International Foto Biennale went from 24 August to 20 October. There were photos all over Ballarat. Some were outdoor at twelve different venues. Some were in cafes, coffee lounges, hotels and businesses. Most were free. Some small out of the way … Continue reading Ballarat International Foto Biennale

A question of Irony

Take a look at this photo and then decide which of the following synonyms are pertinent. sarcasm, cynicism, mockery, satire, ridicule, derision, scorn, sneering. I suppose the question would differ as the person entering through the doors differed; felon, parent, wife/husband, partner, policeman, lawyer, parent, priest, social worker. Anyway it caught me a quick slap on my funny bone when I saw it today.     Continue reading A question of Irony

General apologia

Dear friend and other people. The queue is long and crowded. “Don’t post so often!” he said. “I haven’t caught up on the last two weeks, yet!” he said. “Just a photo to keep us in touch,” he said, “because I don’t have to read photographs,” he said. “Well!” I said. “I need to finish the Gnome story for Ida May. I’m sure you understand. … Continue reading General apologia