Hermoso es! Aquilino’s mother

Do you want another story? There are a few tiny little bits in this that smack of the truth but I’ll leave you to work out which for yourself. I have no intention of telling you. And it has only two parts. Aquilino’s mother and tomorrow Aquilino’s father. When William woke on the morning of seventeenth of September he did not feel well. He had … Continue reading Hermoso es! Aquilino’s mother

The Chinamen’s Track: Part one.

When the boy left the house that morning, with his elder sister, he was not to know that this was when the adventure began. He saddled the old mare for himself because she was quiet and easy to ride. His sister took the pony, young and only recently broken to the saddle. The boy was happy his sister was with him because she was quite … Continue reading The Chinamen’s Track: Part one.