BLM #1

Warning!! This might have some slightly left-wing weirdo content. If that upsets you turn off and tomorrow I’ll post a couple of sunsets or flowers. We have all, left or right, fascist or radical, and generally decently in the middle been observing the Black Lives Matter protests. And then very quickly another movement evolved and became All Lives Matter. But what really surprised me was … Continue reading BLM #1

What a sad song!

I’m borrowing from the net and from Candice in Regina Canada. Candice’s words were, “Near the Sanctuary is a playground, deserted during the Covid-19 ban on public parks.”  I could have gone out and got a photo from around Ballarat but this isn’t just a problem in Australia. It’s in Canada too. I do hope things get better, but my mantra now is, “I hope we … Continue reading What a sad song!