Bushfire and rebirth.

Next month will see the tenth anniversary of the devastating Black Saturday bushfires that were burning on or around Saturday, 7th February 2009 in the state of Victoria. There were 180 fatalities and the fires covered an area of over 450,000 hectares (1700 square miles). More than 2000 houses were destroyed as well as a similar number of other buildings. The Black Saturday fires started … Continue reading Bushfire and rebirth.

Boxing Day

I’ll get around to some more of my usual posts soon but for the time being a few photos and perhaps some old reposts. It was hot today. I didn’t go to the cricket – Australia v India. I know snow is pretty but it is a bit cold. But it was hot today. There were hardly any clouds so there wasn’t much of a … Continue reading Boxing Day

The Road Trip – #21 El Arish to Innisfail

It was very early on the 12 November that I opened a text message from my brother who lives in Cairns. He gave fairly simple instructions about where to go, where to stop and places to look at. Yes Michael, we went to Lucinda and the Hinchinbrook lookout and were very happy with your suggestion. And of course we were going through Innisfail – that … Continue reading The Road Trip – #21 El Arish to Innisfail

The Road Trip – #20 Lucinda to El Arish

So, goodbye stingers and have a nice day. More sugarcane and the Cardwell Range up close on the left, the coast on our right but no ocean because there is Hinchinbrook Island (nearly 400 square km. in area ) just a little way of the coast.  The road rises over a spur of the Cardwell Range and from a lookout you can see Hinchinbrook Island across … Continue reading The Road Trip – #20 Lucinda to El Arish

The Road Trip – #18 Charters Towers to Townsville.

Here we go. Almost there. Townsville on the coast and then north up to Cairns. Townsville is where Robin lives so maybe I’ll get to wash my shirts. Then we’ll take a couple of days off before we head on. It wasn’t far, 20 km to the Burdekin River. The Burdekin River descends 620 metres (2,030 ft) over its 886-kilometre (551 mi) course. Apart from the Murray River, the … Continue reading The Road Trip – #18 Charters Towers to Townsville.