Go ant go!

I guess if the basement gets flooded or the house suffers from rising damp you must build a chimney to fix the problem. Especially if you are out in the forest and the tradesmen won’t visit. Of course all the bird can see is the top and that doesn’t make much sense at all.  Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be … Continue reading Go ant go!

Fungi are worth the effort.

My recent expedition into the world of mushrooms and their friends has switched on a new interest. I will begin by quoting from the extract to a 200 page book on the topic; ‘The Biology of Fungi’ by C. T. Ingold and H. J. Hudson.  Fungi as mutualistic symbionts A wide range of fungi live in mutualistic associations with plants. The best known of these symbioses … Continue reading Fungi are worth the effort.