It’s a bit restricting this bloody Coronavirus thing. In Victoria we are being required to wear mask whenever we are outside. (I just deleted a rant about morons and idiots) Anyway I can’t get out and take lots of pretty pictures but I did find an SD card with a lot of photos from 2017. In Geelong, which is about 80 kms south of Ballarat, … Continue reading Bollards

Maryborough. Victoria.

Maryborough is a small town just 70 kilometres north of Ballarat with population of about 8,000. It has a big Railway station. Mark Twain visited the town in 1895 and declared that Maryborough was “A railway station with a town attached”. Some people believe that this is a result of a bureaucratic mixup and the station was intended for Maryborough in Queensland which is about … Continue reading Maryborough. Victoria.