Shot by Friendly Fire.

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, advised today, that we will be expanding our military forces and acquiring some new weapons, over and above what were already in the pipeline. This signals a major shift in the nation’s defence strategy. Australia’s Defence Policy is usually based on a long term Ten Year Plan. The plan up until today was only in its fourth year. It … Continue reading Shot by Friendly Fire.

BLM #1

Warning!! This might have some slightly left-wing weirdo content. If that upsets you turn off and tomorrow I’ll post a couple of sunsets or flowers. We have all, left or right, fascist or radical, and generally decently in the middle been observing the Black Lives Matter protests. And then very quickly another movement evolved and became All Lives Matter. But what really surprised me was … Continue reading BLM #1

What a sad song!

I’m borrowing from the net and from Candice in Regina Canada. Candice’s words were, “Near the Sanctuary is a playground, deserted during the Covid-19 ban on public parks.”  I could have gone out and got a photo from around Ballarat but this isn’t just a problem in Australia. It’s in Canada too. I do hope things get better, but my mantra now is, “I hope we … Continue reading What a sad song!

The deification of Mr Google.

You know TMGF (that Mr Google fellow) is a pretty cunning bloke! Most of the time. Now I’ll tell where I’m coming from. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of research on ‘Life under German Occupation’ specifically where it deals with the Channel Islands. So every time I entered a query about something in Jersey, TMGF sent me to some place in the USA just … Continue reading The deification of Mr Google.

The terrible fate of Mr Low.

Garrulous Gwendoline indicated a certain disappointment in the ending of “The Monster with The Green Eyes.” I therefore changed the ending for her benefit and in her consequent comment told the following little story: As inspiration for Bill to stay fit, I used to take him to a particular spot on Observatory Hill in Sydney. There is a steep set of stairs which lead to … Continue reading The terrible fate of Mr Low.


Enough about fires and drought in Australia and floods in Europe. Enough about Brexit, and Scottish vote to stay in Europe or leave the UK. Enough about the internal fractures in the American psyche and Russia and German pipelines. Enough that I’ve left the dishes in the sink for too long. I just want to say Happy Christmas and a Happy New year to everyone. … Continue reading Christmas!