Take your pick; stories or photos; birds or fungi; old houses or sunsets. If Toumpas don’t like it tell me. If you do like it tell me. I don’t care either way. So here is a story; truth or fiction? Who knows! If the real Pamela ever gets to read this and recognises herself let me tell her that I am sorry and I behaved … Continue reading Barbara

Hermoso es! Aquilino’s mother

Do you want another story? There are a few tiny little bits in this that smack of the truth but I’ll leave you to work out which for yourself. I have no intention of telling you. And it has only two parts. Aquilino’s mother and tomorrow Aquilino’s father. When William woke on the morning of seventeenth of September he did not feel well. He had … Continue reading Hermoso es! Aquilino’s mother

Pt 21. ‘This is how it’s done.’

What happened after I left and before I got back at lunchtime was as follows. The AFP Inspector, who had been the one who’d phoned Noel, had asked the Sergeant to drop in and see him at his office at the Commonwealth Centre. From Noel’s point of view it was more like an interrogation than and inter-service liaison. The Inspector had heard from his opposite … Continue reading Pt 21. ‘This is how it’s done.’


It was our first summer together. Where she lived before she said she had never heard them. Of course it was only afterwards when we were talking about it that she was able to say that they didn’t have them where she had come from. Actually she was not all that comfortable living in the forest were I had built my cabin; the noises at … Continue reading Lizabeth.