Coriolanus and Me

I joined the Tin Alley Players some time in 1965. That was the day I set my first step on the road to a career in “The Theatre”. The production was “Coriolanus” by William Shakespeare. It was one of those Shakespearean plays that few young and aspiring actors seldom knew. The Tin Alley Players was a production company of the Melbourne University Amateur Theatrical Society … Continue reading Coriolanus and Me

The Chinamen’s Track: Part one.

When the boy left the house that morning, with his elder sister, he was not to know that this was when the adventure began. He saddled the old mare for himself because she was quiet and easy to ride. His sister took the pony, young and only recently broken to the saddle. The boy was happy his sister was with him because she was quite … Continue reading The Chinamen’s Track: Part one.

Bushfire lookout – a story Ch 6 – Conclusion

He looked back at the school. No one played outside and he knew lunch was over. The sun shone brightly in spite of the wind. Chapter Six It was exactly at two thirty eight that afternoon that Bill Willoughby spotted smoke. He didn’t know it was exactly two thirty eight. That was only worked out later. I suspect that you might want to know how … Continue reading Bushfire lookout – a story Ch 6 – Conclusion

The Road Trip – #20 Lucinda to El Arish

So, goodbye stingers and have a nice day. More sugarcane and the Cardwell Range up close on the left, the coast on our right but no ocean because there is Hinchinbrook Island (nearly 400 square km. in area ) just a little way of the coast.  The road rises over a spur of the Cardwell Range and from a lookout you can see Hinchinbrook Island across … Continue reading The Road Trip – #20 Lucinda to El Arish