Another Grandpa poem.

Dear Ida May, and anyone else, You don’t have to do anything about this EXCEPT a picture because I know that old people can’t see it because they have realeyes and people about your age have imagineyes so you can help by showing us what it looks like. The Mystery Monster.   In the wildest parts of Australia There’s an animal nobody’s seen And nobody … Continue reading Another Grandpa poem.

Surviving Lockdown #2 or #3 (I forget)

So Wayne from “That Little Bookshop” was true to his word and he dropped off a box full of books to keep me occupied during Lockdown. The question now is where do I start? Does anyone have any suggestion? War Trash by Ha Jin (Pen Faulkner Award, China in Korean War) Geisha of Gion by Mineko Iwasaki. The Wild Almond Line by Larry Schwartz (Sth … Continue reading Surviving Lockdown #2 or #3 (I forget)