Beer cans and other stuff

Andrew’s Lead Soldiers’ Collection and JFWK’s  8th most important collection of sugar cube wrappers have given me an idea for a bit of a story about collecting things. Some of you may have read about this before. Many years ago when I was a lot younger I was in the Royal Australian Army Education Corps. I had just transferred to a base in northern Victoria … Continue reading Beer cans and other stuff

Market Square and Covid-19

Covid-19 is going to change the world and we can either let it be positive or allow it to destroy us. Ida May is now home from school. Her school hasn’t closed because it is a government school and must stay open unless the Tasmanian Government mandates a closure. However if a parent is able to, and wishes to, students can be withdrawn by parents … Continue reading Market Square and Covid-19

Teaching English to Year Nine. #2

  So after showing the ‘West Side Story’ version of Romeo and Juliet and C.J.Dennis’s poem we went on quite quickly. We didn’t look in depth at structure or whatever the year twelve teacher would do. All I wanted was for them to enjoy reading. This was, after all, year nine. It’s a bit like whisky. When you are first introduced to whisky someone offers … Continue reading Teaching English to Year Nine. #2