The Interview – Deserts

  It seemed like only yesterday but it could have been a lot longer. Jack wondered whether he was losing touch with a reasonable concept of time. The point was this, here he was sitting down with Didymus and continuing as if no time had elapsed. ‘As I was saying about the deserts. It will be more simple if I start with the southern hemisphere. … Continue reading The Interview – Deserts

Hermoso es! Aquilino’s mother

Do you want another story? There are a few tiny little bits in this that smack of the truth but I’ll leave you to work out which for yourself. I have no intention of telling you. And it has only two parts. Aquilino’s mother and tomorrow Aquilino’s father. When William woke on the morning of seventeenth of September he did not feel well. He had … Continue reading Hermoso es! Aquilino’s mother

Coriolanus and Me

I joined the Tin Alley Players some time in 1965. That was the day I set my first step on the road to a career in “The Theatre”. The production was “Coriolanus” by William Shakespeare. It was one of those Shakespearean plays that few young and aspiring actors seldom knew. The Tin Alley Players was a production company of the Melbourne University Amateur Theatrical Society … Continue reading Coriolanus and Me

Guess who has a bee in his bonnet!!

Sometimes I just delight in posting photographs of birds and bees and butterflies. Now and then I might throw in a poem or a story or some tale of my youth. But now and then I get cross. Sometimes it is like putting a huge saucepan of water on the hot plate. The water starts off cold and then as you watch it there is … Continue reading Guess who has a bee in his bonnet!!