Bushfire and rebirth.

Next month will see the tenth anniversary of the devastating Black Saturday bushfires that were burning on or around Saturday, 7th February 2009 in the state of Victoria. There were 180 fatalities and the fires covered an area of over 450,000 hectares (1700 square miles). More than 2000 houses were destroyed as well as a similar number of other buildings. The Black Saturday fires started … Continue reading Bushfire and rebirth.

Eucalyptus – ‘Gum Trees’

There are over 700 different Eucalypts in Australia. These are natives but there are nine that are not found here naturally. Today I went for a bit of a drive just to look at one species – Eucalyptus camaldulensis, the river red gum. I saw some different ones but the red gum is predominant. Some Eucalypts have very interesting bark. The smooth ones can be quite colourful. … Continue reading Eucalyptus – ‘Gum Trees’

The Road Trip – #6 Condoblin to Narromine

We waved farewell to our hosts from the front of their house. This is not a typical Condoblin front garden. This is the garden of a fanatical proponent of the family of Saltbushes which are members of a worldwide family of plants (Chenopodiaceae – chenopods) that are common in deserts and salty environments. At the bottom of this post I have added a few references for … Continue reading The Road Trip – #6 Condoblin to Narromine

The Road Trip – #5 to Condoblin.

From Narrandera to Condoblin is 240 km. Here we will stay with some friends of Robin. Just out of Narrandera I stopped to take a ‘non-50km’ photograph. Take particular note of the dryness of the land. This is the same, same old dry country we have passed so far and it is hot and the cattle are looking reasonably well but a bit warm. Just … Continue reading The Road Trip – #5 to Condoblin.