Sirviving Lackdown – My Garden

I moved from ten acres with a vegetable garden of ten yards by thirty yards. First I rented in Melbourne on the second level and grew nothing. Then I moved back to Ballarat and rented a ground floor two bedroom unit with a concrete yard. It was quite interesting because somewhere in a distance time-warp the person who laid the concrete put a few holes … Continue reading Sirviving Lackdown – My Garden

Melora on Monday

Uncle John will be in the hospital for a few more days. However, he wanted me to make sure I still posted something.I am a little bit under the proverbial weather myself, so I am just going to post a few photographs. The afternoon light on the fringes of forests is bewitching. The last of my photos of Blue Spring, New Zealand, which you are … Continue reading Melora on Monday

Melora on Wednesday

There is a particular time of year when some of the Rainforest leaves lose their leaves, and they flood the waterways with a striking array of coloured leaves.Depending on where you are in the world you might call it ‘Fall’, but since here in the tropics, the dropping of leaves isn’t followed by ‘Winter’, I’m not quite sure what to call it. Any suggestions? I … Continue reading Melora on Wednesday

Bush Fires

Bush fires are a real part of the Australian experience. For years it was something that affected those who lived on farms and in small country towns. But as the cities expand and people move to beautiful hillsides covered in tall trees and build nice houses with wonderful scenic outlooks then so the experience of more and more people will come to include fire. If … Continue reading Bush Fires

The Peregrine’s nest.

I found it! …………….I found it! ……………………………I found it! She was there again today. Sitting on her perch. The sun hadn’t come around the hillside this morning yet. I sat and waited.She had to move sometime. I had a book so I just sat. Then I gave up. Packed up the camera. Heard the chicks swarking. Turned around and there were two falcons – one … Continue reading The Peregrine’s nest.

The Interview – Deserts

  It seemed like only yesterday but it could have been a lot longer. Jack wondered whether he was losing touch with a reasonable concept of time. The point was this, here he was sitting down with Didymus and continuing as if no time had elapsed. ‘As I was saying about the deserts. It will be more simple if I start with the southern hemisphere. … Continue reading The Interview – Deserts