Pt 21. ‘This is how it’s done.’

What happened after I left and before I got back at lunchtime was as follows. The AFP Inspector, who had been the one who’d phoned Noel, had asked the Sergeant to drop in and see him at his office at the Commonwealth Centre. From Noel’s point of view it was more like an interrogation than and inter-service liaison. The Inspector had heard from his opposite … Continue reading Pt 21. ‘This is how it’s done.’

Drinking Hours.

It’s 1916, and the First World War has been going for nearly two years and in Australia the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and the Rechabites finally succeeded in having the pubs closed after 6 o’clock. It was argued that, with the men fighting overseas, a well-ordered, self-disciplined and morally upright home front was a precondition for the successful prosecution of the war. And so, along … Continue reading Drinking Hours.

Pt 20. Playing ‘pass the parcel’

After our life defining drinking session at the Torres Hotel nothing happened. Janine went about doing whatever she did which was basically family welfare work. The islanders had a pretty decent lifestyle but there was still a bit of a problem with alcohol – who were we to judge, the session at the Torres Hotel lasted ’til late. The two boys, Jimmy and Aaron, went … Continue reading Pt 20. Playing ‘pass the parcel’