Waiting for a cool change.

When you’re driving you usually have your car radio set to your favourite station. On really stinkin’ hot days most people set the dial to ABC 774 because that station has fire warnings. Today it was continuous. So if you have never experience the fun ‘n’ games of living near a bush fire keep reading. Fire Weather Warning for the South West and Central forecast … Continue reading Waiting for a cool change.

The Chinamen’s Track: Part Three

53 Ships. This is for anyone interested in fine detail. You may also have a better ability to research that I. The table below has been extracted from the publication linked here . Of course you won’t know what you’ve got on a tiny screen. But have fun. These are the fifty three ships that brought Chinese miners to Australia and avoided paying Victorian taxes. … Continue reading The Chinamen’s Track: Part Three

The Chinamen’s Track: Part Two

Back To The Beginning   Please indulge me for a moment. Let us willingly assume that the poor fellow who died on the “Chinamen’s Track” was Chaoxiang which is ironic because his name, when translated means that he was ‘expecting fortune’. Chaoxiang lived in a small village in Canton and with Zhong, his steadfast and loyal friend, they set out on an adventure that was much … Continue reading The Chinamen’s Track: Part Two

A Negative Encounter.

On my previous post one of you commented,  “What a fascinating life you have had and what ‘interesting’ people you seem to know.” And, in truth, I have bumped into some very interesting people. I think most people have interesting encounters and experiences. Some aren’t always positive. Ten years before I was to retire the school I was at was closed down. It was in one … Continue reading A Negative Encounter.