Bit about Ballarat.

I want you to play the following; don’t skip past because you wont get the idea. Scroll down and click on the song and read the content while the music plays. Okay so what on earth is happening here? We have a very old Australian song, Waltzing Matilda, about the First World War and the video shows US Marines going off to Afghanistan. This … Continue reading Bit about Ballarat.

My Local Lockdown.

A few random thoughts. Victoria is now enduring its fifth lockdown since the Covid virus exploded. Our case numbers have been exceptionally low – compared to the rest of the world – because of a number of circumstances and that may have led to some complacency. We have not been so successful in getting vaccines into arms. This is partly because of the EU blocking some AstraZeneca … Continue reading My Local Lockdown.

Just two old men and a glass of whisky.

Anton is still here. At the moment he is in his room in bed and complaining about the lack of heating and my complete lack of thoughtfulness toward his welfare in having not put more pressure on the Estate Agent. There is no electric blanket and he says he isn’t concerned but has always liked hot-water bottles. This afternoon he went for a solitary walk … Continue reading Just two old men and a glass of whisky.