The Australian War Memorial – Canberra Revised Edition.

Unfortunately it was a bleak and dismal day, although it cleared up just as I had got on the bus and returned to base. The AWM is a quite imposing building and has a very detailed section of all the Australian’s who have been awarded the Victoria Cross – the ultimate medal of bravery. It stands at the base of a large hill on a … Continue reading The Australian War Memorial – Canberra Revised Edition.

On the road to Canberra

The trip portended darkness and despair. Canberra was awaiting. The weather bureau was forecasting “an extreme weather event.” Let us head North from Melbourne to avoid the extreme weather event. We stopped at Glenrowan to look at the Last Stand of Notorious Victorian Bushranger. They put on a show now and then. I didn’t stop to see it. Was I put off by the disclaimer. … Continue reading On the road to Canberra

Patterns and shapes et al.

Okey Dokey. I have a couple of diatribes gestating at the moment, but before I finish them I might have to get editorial approval. In the meantime a few more pictures – split up and annotated! This is not a beetle. It is a bug. It is a member of  the Hemiptera which is the largest order of hemimetabolous insects (not undergoing complete metamorphosis. Well, I think … Continue reading Patterns and shapes et al.

Caulfield Park Bronze Statues.

On the South West Corner of Caulfield Park there is a group of seven bronze statues. The statues  were commissioned by Caulfield City Council from sculptor Phillip J Cannizzo in 1975. It is rumoured that a paper boy was killed on the corner and that one of the statues is dedicated to him. Completed in 1980, the statues are The Paper Boy, Mother and Child … Continue reading Caulfield Park Bronze Statues.

St Kilda Botanical Gardens

These photos are of textures and colours and patterns and shapes. I just tried getting up close. More shots and scenes from the St Kilda Gardens can be seen HERE. So there will be very little comment, because I don’t know the correct identity of most of the items. That’s all for now. Tomorrow, maybe, more photos or deep personal insights or light shallow nonsense … Continue reading St Kilda Botanical Gardens