The next instalment is posted, but you will need to go over to A Bushie’s Tale, Please note.: I will not put a reminder on this site again. You will need to remember the Bushie’s Blog site yourself, unless you have “Followed” A Bushie’s Tale in which case you will be notified automatically. But then, you know that. Advertisements Continue reading THE OTHER GREAT BOOKIE ROBBERY Number three

Robbery, Death, Mayhem and Deception

I have been asked by a long time reader to repost my story about my time in the Army when I learned about the infamous Great Bookie robbery which was a crime committed in Melbourne, Australia, on 21 April 1976.  I am serialising it on a blog where I write about real things that happened in my life. I also write things that could have happened in my life … Continue reading Robbery, Death, Mayhem and Deception


Today was one of those days when you know that things is gonna turn out honkey dorey. I was staggering down the street for a caffeine injection when I passed a neighbouring peasant who had obviously never learned the art of ‘making do’. He had two quite pretty pom-pom cumquats astride the entrance to his two storey palace and he was trimming their shape. On … Continue reading Marmalade

My over the fence neighbours

Introduction:- Are my stories true or made up? Answer: both. Real things happen and I want to write about them, but usually other people are involved so I move the actual location to another imaginary location and I change names and a few incidental facts. Keeping all that in mind the following story is true. It started thirty-five years ago. So this is a bit … Continue reading My over the fence neighbours

The tree, the highway and the little old lady

When I was young I travelled from the city to town B. on a number of occasions. The road was narrow and winding but not dangerous because, back then, there was not much traffic. But as fate would have it, and progress, the traffic increased, the road became dangerous and the Country Roads Board decided that the road would become a highway. So bulldozers came … Continue reading The tree, the highway and the little old lady


Cathedrals: majestic, awe inspiring, imaginary or real. On 20 June wrote a whole lot about imaginary architecture. I was silly enough to say, ‘in the rain forests around Melbourne there are cathedrals of giant trees’. Then came the challenge, if that is the correct word.  ‘Do let me know if you’ve captured a giant cathedral tree.’ Well, not to be outdone I rushed up … Continue reading Cathedral

The story of Avro Manchester R5795

The following story began, for me, when I picked up an old book on a second-hand bookshop. The story is The most interesting search for G.P.T. It was cold on the morning of 18 December 1941.  The sun rose at 0913 over in the South-East and the crew of Avro Manchester R5795 were all on board. For the Flight Engineer, Sgt Gwynne Thomas, the excitement was … Continue reading The story of Avro Manchester R5795