Purple Dragon

Alert!! Poetry following. This post may contain poetry. Poetry has been known to offend some people. Feel free to completely ignore this post. This poem was written for a young lady whose husband came home from Afghanistan suffering, as far too many do, from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In the past this may have been called ‘shell shock’ or in some cases ‘cowardice’ or simply … Continue reading Purple Dragon

Princess Panties

Originally posted on Behind the White Coat:
“Mommy! You’re wearing princess panties?!??!??” My daughter’s squeal of delight reverberated off of the metal walls of the stall.? She stared in awe. The overly crowded movie theater bathroom seemed to fall deathly silent in an instant. “Shhhhhh!” “Mommy. They are so beautiful! I want some.” She reached out reverentially to touch them as I hovered over the… Continue reading Princess Panties