Travelling Day One . Introduction.

Okay, I was wrong. Rivrvlogr was of the opinion, expressed very kindly, that I wouldn’t be able to resist looking at other things beside the 100 km point.

It was very soon apparent that I needed to change from 100 km to every 50 km. So that’s what I did.

And that needed tweaking. So I had to fiddle around a bit. Now I stop every 50 km and take a few shots and sometimes I cheat and take some shots in between. Here’s an example. We are driving along a straight(ish) road and we have come 48 km from the last stop. There is nothing but wide open spaces. So I take the next shot in two km. But three km later there is a little bustling township and if I wait for the next 50 km to tick over then you will all assume that there are no townships or villages anywhere in the great Aussie countryside. So I cheat and push the 50 km up to 53 km and highlight the small township.

I hope you are all happy with that.

Now the next thing to tell you is this; I am using big sister’s laptop and she doesn’t have a photo processing app. So I might not get to publish any photos ’til I get home in ten days. But then again we might stop at someone’s house and right out in the middle of nowhere will be a computer guru of considerable intelligence who will solve all problems. We can live in hope.

The very best thing so far is that big sister and I have not had anything to argue about. If I say “Stop here,” and she can’t stop because a road train is right behind her doing 100kph and the result is I miss the best shot that any photographer will ever get then I will quietly say that it doesn’t matter we will get a similar shot later. Or she might just agree and do a u-turn and we go back. So that is good. Actually I tell her it’s the best thing.

The really truly best thing is that although I have lived all my life in Australia, and know the country well, the idea of stopping regularly and taking a shot has revealed  much that has been hidden for all that time. When I start posting the photos I will show what I mean.

In between taking photos every 50 km plus or minus, we talk. And if Robin is driving it is rude if I don’t listen. So I listen. And we take turns. I talk and she drives. And she tells stories and I tell stories. And if she wanted to let you all know what her stories are about then she can start her own blog and tell them.

But I have my own blog so I will tell you.

The subject came up concerning discipline in schools.

At the last school I taught in there was a succession of principals some for longer than others but all pretty interesting in different ways. I’ll give you a f’rinstance.

He, the boss, called a staff meeting to explain the new discipline policy. It was supposed to be very simple.

  • If a student does something wrong/ behaves incorrectly he/she is to be given a demerit point.
  • If a student get three demerit points in any one day then he/she will receive a detention.
  • If the student gets five demerits inane week he/she will get a detention.

It is as simple as that.

So I asked if I could make a comment. Yes I could.

So I said that I thought that would mean that a clever student could a demerit on Monday, another demerit on Tuesday, a third demerit on Wednesday and a fourth demerit on Thursday and then complete the week behaving like an angel. In other words he can be bad all week but stop short when he gets to four and he will never be disciplined.

I was reassured that students would not be as cunning as that. (PS. I didn’t tell the boss that he was showing signs of being naive and a complete twit.)

I then asked him, with cynicism dripping from my jowls like the slobbering of an old English sheepdog, “And are we to have a list of the kinds of behaviour that would earn a student a demerit?”

He didn’t think that was necessary – we were all after all trained teachers.

“Yes but some of us aren’t intelligent to understand the students,” I did not say.

But the next morning there he was with a list if thirty-five things that merited a demerit.

I won’t tell you what they were. I lost my list a day later and never asked for another.

(Okay, there goes my 800 words so I will continue tomorrow with the outcome. And when I get my photos I won’t waffle on so much.)