Three years later. The final end of the affair.

This is a bit more detailed account of my meeting with Henry and Maria.   I wrote this final chapter some years after the event of the Great Bookie Robbery Catastrophe, but at least it brings things to a close and with any luck I can get on with my life. When I was discharged from the Army I wasn’t in the greatest condition emotionally. … Continue reading Three years later. The final end of the affair.

Links to the Great Bookie Robbery.

If you missed anything here are the links to all the parts. The Great Bookie Robbery – My Story. link Pt 2.Why is he so Interested.  link PT3. Last interview and I’m in link PT4. I learn a bit about ‘rule 25’  link PT5. I apply for a discharge link PT6. I get my orders  link PT7. I get given a new wife. link PT8. Getting the class onside. link PT9.I … Continue reading Links to the Great Bookie Robbery.

Tasmanian Treachery

Dear Followers, Derrick made a positive comment and intimated that he wouldn’t mind another adventure story. You know, with blood and murder, mayhem and illicit drugs and other naughtiness. However on the distaff side Andrew suggested that my having two blogs confused him and ethrobin (???) said that he/she didn’t know how to navigate the chasm without the links.  So, to keep at least three … Continue reading Tasmanian Treachery

Drop Dead Easy – The metapost.

This little story “Drop Dead Easy” created some interest. First there was the comment that had no connection to the story, which was followed by the suggestion if people don’t understand the meaning and the characters are sketchy and in fact the whole thing just doesn’t work then the story has failed. Then there were comments suggesting that there were some positives. So now we … Continue reading Drop Dead Easy – The metapost.