Mrs Bell – Part Eight.

I got through security with a little help from two people whom I am not at liberty to mention so when I knocked on the door of Major Willard Sackville, AAIC (Australian Army Intelligence Corps) he was not expecting me. What’s more he did not recognise me. I introduced myself using my old Army rank (Retired) and regimental number. “What can I do for you?” … Continue reading Mrs Bell – Part Eight.

Melora on Monday. December 2.

The sharp needle-like teeth of the Waitomo cave troll. Native to New Zealand’s North Island; however, there are many different species found throughout the world. What makes this particular species special is that the babies are used to ward away evil spirits. I won’t go into the technicalities, but for those out there who are fierce pro-claimers of troll rights, the babies are not harmed, … Continue reading Melora on Monday. December 2.