Shot by Friendly Fire.

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, advised today, that we will be expanding our military forces and acquiring some new weapons, over and above what were already in the pipeline. This signals a major shift in the nation’s defence strategy. Australia’s Defence Policy is usually based on a long term Ten Year Plan. The plan up until today was only in its fourth year. It … Continue reading Shot by Friendly Fire.

Don’t tell me what to think! Or what to believe!

Right at the top of the page I am going to nail my colours to the mast – I am writing this as a Christian. Every night after our evening meal our father pushed his dishes away, took his King James Bible from the dresser behind him, and opening at random he would read a passage in his stentorian voice – mellowed to an extent … Continue reading Don’t tell me what to think! Or what to believe!

Maryborough. Victoria.

Maryborough is a small town just 70 kilometres north of Ballarat with population of about 8,000. It has a big Railway station. Mark Twain visited the town in 1895 and declared that Maryborough was “A railway station with a town attached”. Some people believe that this is a result of a bureaucratic mixup and the station was intended for Maryborough in Queensland which is about … Continue reading Maryborough. Victoria.