There are two spoonbills in Australia. There are six worldwide. All bar one have black bills.  One of the Australian spoonbills is typical of many Australians in that it wants to be like everyone else. This is the Royal spoonbill (Platalea regia) and it has a black bill and as such I don’t care for it at all. The other Australian Spoonbill is typical of many other … Continue reading Spoonbills

Don’t try this at home.

1001 steps to becoming a good teacher. Introduction. continued While Ian and I were becoming more and more confused as to our next move a letter came from my father. As a result of a very serious shortage of secondary teachers in Victorian Government schools the Minister for Education came up with a brilliant idea. He was introducing a class of ‘Temporary Teacher’. The requirements … Continue reading Don’t try this at home.

1001 steps to becoming a good teacher

There is a lot to think about. It started like this. quiverquotes.com My opinion hasn’t changed from the day I read your first story—you should write a book or a memoir or a collection of teaching stories. This was a bit of an ego boost especially coming from her. I was feeling that I could use my Cooking blog better. (But thanks for all the … Continue reading 1001 steps to becoming a good teacher

“Don’t it always seem to go…..

I had to take a trip down to the East of Melbourne. About 50 kilometres from Melbourne I stopped at a small inlet on Westernport Bay. Here was a secluded tidal mangrove mud flat. I headed inland and about three km there began acres and acres of market gardens. What a wonderful sight. Hang on! What’s this? “Zoning: Urban Growth Zone” You gotta be kidding. … Continue reading “Don’t it always seem to go…..

What’s the matter…# the one after the last one.

This is the last post in this series. I could go back over my school diaries (if I’d kept them) from 45 years but I think I’ll leave it now with just one story and what I think is my most rewarding idea. Of course if anyone wants to ask a question on a one-to-one basis I am happy to oblige. Getting to know the … Continue reading What’s the matter…# the one after the last one.