The most interesting search for G.P.T.

It started on the inside of an old book. An inscription personalises a book and raises questions. One question was; ‘Who was GPT and who was LWT?’  A quick browse through the book was followed by a detailed and complete reading. This was the story of Stalag 383 – a German Prisoner’s of War camp for Non-Commissioned Officers. Most of the prisoners were British soldiers … Continue reading The most interesting search for G.P.T.


It has taken me a lot of time to learn, and although I have tried to put my mind to the differences, I have to go with the reactions. For example, my story about Marley, who couldn’t live with his wife gone prompted a reaction from three people, but my photos of cockatoos received five times the reaction. So I suppose if I need my … Continue reading Album


The Australian Brolga (Antigone rubicunda) is a member of the crane family of large, long-legged and long-necked birds. There are fifteen species of crane in four genera. The fact that the Brolga is named for Antigone, the daughter of Oedipus might have something to do with their beauty or their haughty stance or their nobility and loyalty to their mate. The brolga is native to Australia – … Continue reading Brolga

Marley’s death – part two.

Marley’s death, occurring as it did at the height of the football final series, happening in the particular way it happened and given the likelihood that it was definitely a once in a lifetime phenomenon for everybody who was involved and presenting at the particular time on the clock that it did, would have been less noteworthy, less of an inconvenience and less tragic if it … Continue reading Marley’s death – part two.

The white cockatoo.

It is morning and, as the sun crawls slowly, I am still sleeping, fitful and struggling like the sun, ’til suddenly, frightfully, the screech of two hundred white cockatoos wakes the neighbourhood. They race across the rooftops and land, squabbling, in a tall cypress. They strip tender tips from the branches. The neighbours on both sides of the tree rush to the roadway, pyjamas hitched … Continue reading The white cockatoo.