Perfidia – Dorothy Lamour

Just bought a little vinyl record player and put on a few oldies. Gee some of those girls could sing. You could hear every word and the sound was like hot chocolate; Here’s one just for starters. Dorothy Lamour with Eddie Durant – PERFIDIA – written by Alberto Dominguez and Milton Leeds in 1941. Recorded 1945. I could have chosen the same song sung by … Continue reading Perfidia – Dorothy Lamour

Juanita, the call centre Queen.

Some little time ago his Worshipful Honour our LordBeariOfBow  looked down from on top of his horse High Dudgeon and bemoaned the existence of off-shore call centres. His story of woe was called It’s official. I’m a racist! I agree with him in most things although there are one or two important differences between us. I agree that off-shore call centres are an anathema. This country … Continue reading Juanita, the call centre Queen.

Australian Prisoners of War Memorial.

More than 35000 Australian POWs have their names recorded on the 130m long black granite wall that makes up part of the  Memorial in the Ballarat Gardens. More names are added if they are discovered. The names are listed alphabetically. No one’s rank or serial number is recorded. All prisoners were equal.  In front of the marble monument is a garden of Yakka bushes; a … Continue reading Australian Prisoners of War Memorial.