Melora late on Monday

A little while ago, a friend and I adventured into the Atherton Tablelands, west of Cairns.I’d heard there was a creek popular with the local Platypus.We arrived at 5 pm, half ‘n hour before the recommended ‘ideal time of day’ for seeing Platypus. Sat quietly behind the State constructed Platypus hide, and waited.My friend is reasonably short, and I am relatively tall. We realised as … Continue reading Melora late on Monday

Jack McIntyre’s Boy. – The phone number.

The next day Kenneth was due in Melbourne for lectures but instead of attending he went to the Telecommunications Museum in Burwood Road, Hawthorn and told the story to one of the staff. “Yes young fella. That’s a phone number all right. Come with me and we’ll see what we can see.” There were files on old yellow sheets of paper and Microfiche film and … Continue reading Jack McIntyre’s Boy. – The phone number.

Jack McIntyre’s Boy Gets Older.

Jack’s boy really enjoyed himself. Now the ice had broken. He started doing things for people. He really enjoyed doing that. Now that they all knew he was a bushie and not some tyro from the city they treated him as someone special. And they named him: Young Jack. That wasn’t his name but he didn’t argue. There wasn’t any one person who named him … Continue reading Jack McIntyre’s Boy Gets Older.

Melora on Wednesday

There is a particular time of year when some of the Rainforest leaves lose their leaves, and they flood the waterways with a striking array of coloured leaves.Depending on where you are in the world you might call it ‘Fall’, but since here in the tropics, the dropping of leaves isn’t followed by ‘Winter’, I’m not quite sure what to call it. Any suggestions? I … Continue reading Melora on Wednesday