Bear is grounded!

“You’re grounded Bear.” “What do you mean,John? Why am I grounded.” “You know exactly why you are grounded.” “How long for?” “Two days. Duck can’t come over for biscuits. You will stay in your room until tomorrow night. And for meals you can have toast with vegemite but no butter and no honey and only water. Not milk.” “But Duck will come today for biscuits.” … Continue reading Bear is grounded!

Bear meets his Grandparents.

“Bear,” I said. “I’ve put some biscuits on the table outside for you and Duck.” “Why don’t you do it when Duck comes to visit. That’s how you always do it.” “Because I won’t be here, Bear,” I said. “Where will you be?” Bear asked. “I need to go for a drive to Geelong to visit my sister and her two girls.” “Can I come? … Continue reading Bear meets his Grandparents.

Bear and Persia and the state of the world.

I put Bear in bed and closed the door. Then I sat down to write something about the state of the world. I had just started when Bear came out. “What are you writing about now?” he asked. “Nothing you’d understand.” “Try me,” he said. “All right, Mr Smarty Pants. I’ve been worrying about the problems in the Middle East.” “I’ve no idea what you … Continue reading Bear and Persia and the state of the world.